Hail Repairs

Have you been caught in an unfortunate hail storm? Why choose us for hail repairs? Well let's start by informing you how it works. The second you get hit with hail you must call and make a claim if you have a comprehensive insurance policy. If you don't, we have a cash program that will have your vehicle hail free. After you make a hail claim on your vehicle you have the option of dropping your vehicle off to the desired shop of choice or whating for an insurance adjuster scope the damages of your vehicle, typical waiting time is approximately 3-7 days. 

If you do not have rental coverage, we also offer a rental program to assist in keeping you on the road while getting repairs done. Once your damages have been certified between the shop and your insurance company, repairs are immediately started and you become responsible for your deductible as soon as repairs are complete. If you can not afford to pay your deductible, we have a $0 out of pocket program that pays your deductible! Come in and experience why customers choose us! Schedule Estimates & Repairs  below.

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